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Trends, Transformation and Challenges in International Development Co-operation

From 06 Dec 2016 14:00 until 12 Dec 2016 17:00

Huaqiao Plaza,
No. 2 Wangfujing Avenue,
Dongcheng District,

China International Development Research Network (CIDRN) Public Event, co-organised by the China-UK Partnership Programme on Knowledge for Development and CIDRN.

Richard Manning, Chair of CRPD’s Advisory Council, will share his insights into two key current topics, ‘Trends, Transformation and Challenges in International Development Co-operation’ and ‘The BRICS in International Development – a New Assessment’.

Topic 1: Trends, Transformation and Challenges in International Development Co-operation

Moderator: Cheng Guoqiang, Secretary General Academic Committee, Director-General of International Cooperation Department, DRC

This panel will briefly review the history of international development co-operation against the wider context of economic development but continuing inter-state inequality. It will consider three key issues:

  1. Current shifts and trends among donor and recipient countries.
  2. Tensions between the promotion of sustainable development and competing national interests, and initiatives to improve development effectiveness.
  3. Possible implications for international development co-operation due to recent changes in development funding.

Topic 2: The BRICS in International Development – a New Assessment

Moderator: Qiao Jianrong, Senior Advisor, DFID China Office

This session will introduce the recently-published book, ‘The BRICS in International Development’. The book offers a comparative perspective on the increasingly significant development cooperation activities of the BRICS. The authors, from Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and OECD countries, review the empirical evidence for the BRICS’ modes of development cooperation and their geographical reach, and explore the historical background and patterns of international development engagement of each country.

They also present a cutting-edge analysis of the broader geopolitical shifts, distinctive ideologies and normative discourses that are influencing and informing their engagement in increasingly ambitious joint projects such as the New Development Bank.

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