UNICEF and IDS Conference: Rethinking Urbanisation and Equity in Asia: Harnessing the Potential of Urban Living for All Children

Watch/Listen Again Monday 9 June 2014 - Tuesday 10 June 2014 08:30 to 17:00
IDS Convening Space and Room 221

This conference served as a follow-up to the discussion on urban settings at the 2nd High Level Meeting on South-South Cooperation for Child Rights in Asia and the Pacific (pdf) held in New Delhi in October 2013. One of the themes of the HLM looked at the potential of urban settings to be the locations where all children’s rights could be actualised.

In this light, the two-day IDS-UNICEF (Rosa) Conference brought together academics and practioners from a variety of related fields (including urban studies, poverty and development studies, children and youth specialists) at IDS, as well as a number of individuals who followed the live broadcast and participated in the discussion online.

The Conference was shaped around four leading questions

  • How are child wellbeing and poverty best understood in urban settings?
  • What does pro-poor and child-responsive urban innovation look like?
  • How can local government and municipal authorities ensure that children's rights are realised in urban settings?
  • How can donors and external actors best support the needs of urban children and address exclusion and marginalisation?

The Conference Report is now available for download. The Conference Agenda, and Rapporteur Notes from each session can also be accessed.

Comments can be made via the conference blogpost or can also be sent via Twitter (to the convenors Andrea Rossi @rossiarossi, Jaideep Gupte @jaideep_gupte using the hashtag #urbanchildren).

Interview with Participants: What do you think the tag line for Asian cities should be?

Keynote panel on 'Cities of Tomorrow for the Children of Today'

  • Welcome by Prof. Melissa Leach, IDS Director: skip to 2:28
  • Introduction to Keynote panel by Dr. Jaideep Gupte: skip to 8:56
  • Comments by Prof. Sir Richard Jolly: skip to 23:03
  • Comments by Prof. Gareth Jones: skip to 45:00
  • Comments by Dr. Andrea Rossi: skip to 1:14:00
  • Q and A session: skip to 1:42:00.

Watch the recording of the livestreamed event

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