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Whose Peace, Whose Security? A Conversation about Sustainable Development Goal 16

12 October 2015 13:00–14:30

Library Road, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RE

This will not be a conventional seminar. Instead it will take the form of a conversation amongst colleagues, initiated by Robin Luckham, about Sustainable Development Goal No. 16 (“Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies”) and the relevance to it of his new IDS Evidence Paper ‘Whose Security? Building Inclusive and Secure Societies in an Unequal and Insecure World’. 

If the SDGs are to mean anything, hard choices will have to made on the basis of solid research and analysis of the sources of insecurity and violence, and about the potential pathways to change. This discussion will provide an opportunity for informal reflection on how IDS can contribute to ongoing SDG debates. Those attending are urged if possible to please take a look at SDG 16 and at Robin’s paper before attending so to be able to contribute to the discussions.

About the Speakers:

Dr Robin Luckham is a political sociologist with over 50 years professional experience, more than 40 at IDS. He began his academic career in Nigeria and Ghana, and has also worked in the USA and Australia. He is retired but still works part-time as a Research Associate. Since writing his PhD and book on the Nigerian military, he has analysed the seamier aspects of the state, political violence and development. More recently he has turned his attention to democratic institutions and politics, to the governance of security institutions and to peace-building.

Professor Patricia Justino is a development economist specialising in applied microeconomics. Her current research work focuses on the impact of violence and conflict on household welfare and local institutional structures, the microfoundations of violent conflict and the implications of violence for economic development. She is the Director of MICROCON and co-founder and co-director of the Households in Conflict Network. Since June 2010, Patricia has convened the Conflict and Violence cluster at IDS.


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