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How can we improve life choices for women? Round table discussion followed by a debate on demystifying menstruation UK – Uganda

7 November 2018 17:00–20:00

Institute of Development Studies

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The Impact Initiative is excited to announce its participation in the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

17:00 Round Table Discussion: How can we improve life choices for women?

Women and girls are often expected to fulfil roles that limit their ability to make strategic and empowering life choices. Off the back of the #MeToo, #TimesUp and #PeriodPoverty movements, it is all too clear that there is a myriad of reasons that can hold women back – whether because of traditional and cultural expectations, economic status or lack of access to healthcare and education.

This event will bring together diverse research, evidence and experience in an exciting panel discussion aiming to show that there are many opportunities to improve women’s life choices globally.

Read more about the types of issues that this event will look at.

18:30 Debate: Demystifying menstruation: From UK – Uganda

In many societies, a woman’s period is a topic shrouded in euphemism and secrecy, owing to communal beliefs that can leave girls and women feeling embarrassed, isolated, and insecure. When this is combined with a lack of access to sanitary products, or to safe, private places to use them, the results can be socially and emotionally devastating. In this discussion research from Uganda will be shared with young women in the UK in an attempt to talk about the reality of the issues that they face.

The event will draw on research from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the University of London demonstrating that in rural Uganda, providing free sanitary products and lessons about puberty to girls may increase their attendance at school. Read more about these findings here: Keeping African girls in school with better sanitary care

Invited speakers also include representatives from the DFID-funded IRISE International programme and The Cup Effect.

The event is free and open to the public. It will start at 17:00 and participants are welcome to come to one part or all of it. Please register on Eventbrite for your free ticket.


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