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Jing Gu - Research Fellow

T: +44 (0)1273 915692


Stacey Townsend

Thematic Expertise:
Aid; BRICS and Rising Powers; Business; Capacity Development; Globalisation; Governance.

Geographic Expertise:
Sub Saharan Africa; China.

Jing Gu has an interdisciplinary background in law, economics and international relations. She has extensive experience in the field of business and development. Jing carries out academic research, training and consultancy on business, governance and development for the UNDP, UNCTAD, African Development Bank, International Poverty Reduction Centre in China, MOFCOM, DFID, GTZ and NGOs such as China-Africa Business Council.

She has led several interdisciplinary research projects involving multi-country teams. Research interests include development policy, governance and accountability, trade and sustainable development. She is the Convenor of the IDS Rising Powers in International Development Programme, and leads the programme’s work on China and on Emerging Powers in African Economic development.

The RPID Programme aims to provide high-level guidance on key debates in international development policy and on how IDS and its partner organisations can best influence these debates through research and other activittes.

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A 3 year ESRC funded project examining how Brazil, China and other 'rising powers' may change African agricultural development.

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China is now the African continent's biggest trading partner, and also involved in a wide range of development cooperation projects including in agriculture, health and social policy. The Rising Powers in International Development Programme is looking at the growing role of China in the field of international development cooperation.

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The study aimed to generate knowledge on what is the best way that Africa can benefit from China's strong economic engagement with the continent.

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Based on extensive fieldwork interviews in China and Africa, this project examines the role of Chinese private enterprises in Africa.

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The purpose of this project is to explain and evaluate China’s approach and contribution to governance, development and state-building in Africa's 'fragile states.'

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This IDS led project aims to evaluate changing trade and investment relations between China, and also the UK, with Kenya and South Africa and the consequences of these changes.

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The Development Studies Learning Partnership under the BRICS Initiative in 2011, enables collaborative learning between traditional and emerging actors in development, be they academics, researchers, practitioners or policy-makers.

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An evaluation of DFID's China Country Programme, assessing the country strategy, links to poverty outcomes and DFID's corporate objectives.

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This project, funded by the Chinese Government's Ministry Of Commerce, is aimed at addressing how IDA is given to developing countries (particularly Africa) and if there are ways of improving China's development assistance to create opportunities for independent development.

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This three-institution network focused on three global governance areas: climate change/energy, innovation and low carbon development, and development cooperation.

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China's engagement with Africa has continued to attract much attention across the world. A debate has formed about the benefits of this engagement on Africa's development. This project aims to identify and evaluate the implications of Chinese FDI on African development.

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This is the cover image for the IDS Bulletin, 'China and International Development: Challenges and Opportunities'.

China and International Development: Challenges and Opportunities - Out Soon

In parallel to its domestic economic boom, China has grown increasingly active and influential on the international stage, including in global development. China’s re-emergence on the global stage is both a cause and a symptom of the fundamental sea change now affecting development assistance and policy. More details

IDS Working Paper

The Last Golden Land? Chinese Private Companies Go to Africa

A new dynamic presence is spreading rapidly and widely across Africa: that of Chinese private enterprises. For these firms, Africa is ‘the last golden land' of economic opportunity. More details

IDS Research Summary

The Last Golden Land? Chinese Private Companies Go to Africa

The widely-held perception of Chinese investment in Africa is that of large state-owned enterprises in search of natural resources. More details

IDS In Focus Policy Briefing

China and the Global Financial Crisis: Implications for Low-income Countries

How the financial crisis affects China has implications that extend well beyond its domestic economy. As the world's third largest economy, China's ability to maintain growth and restructure its domestic economy is critical for addressing global macroeconomic imbalances. More details

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