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Learning fOr development.

We live in times of intense climate, geopolitical and social change, defined by complex and fast changing relationships between government, civil society, business, and communities. Only through world-class professional, practitioner and organisation wide learning can those in development contribute towards the progressive change needed to realise more equitable and sustainable societies.

We are ranked first in the world for our research, learning and teaching. We deliver training and action-oriented learning in collaboration with activists, civil society, aid professionals, policy makers and researchers to transform global knowledge and build future leadership.

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To discuss yours or your organisation’s learning requirements, please contact Miguel Loureiro.


Why learn with us?

Our 50 years' experience and commitment to inclusion and participation has created an exceptional international learning environment that connects learners to a global research and leadership network. We are expert in designing and facilitating interactive and supportive learning tailored for time poor professionals and practitioners. We create spaces where people from different contexts, culture, sectors and geographies can come together to tackle shared challenges by developing the skills, understanding and capability to contribute to more equitable and sustainable societies.