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Professional development course

Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes

Learn and network with leaders in nutrition policy and practice to develop more effective approaches to eliminating malnutrition in all its forms. You’ll be guided through cutting-edge knowledge and evidence on nutrition globally. Using an interactive diagnostic approach, you’ll learn to...

From 15 July 2019 until 19 July 2019

Professional development course

Social Protection: Policies, Programmes and Evidence

Further your knowledge of approaches to social protection and gain the skills to improve policies and programmes for positive social change. Get up to speed with current knowledge, evidence and practice of social protection. You will broaden your knowledge base of approaches to social...

From 1 July 2019 until 4 July 2019

Professional development course

Applying Circular Economy Approaches for a Sustainable Future

Develop your knowledge and skills on how circular economy approaches can be used in your organisation’s sustainable development work. The circular economy concept offers a new vision for global sustainability and development. It goes beyond the current linear make-use-dispose extractive model...

From 3 June 2019 until 6 June 2019

Professional development course

STEPS Summer School 2019

An immersive course on theories and practical approaches to sustainability, through creative, interactive and participatory learning.

From 13 May 2019 until 24 May 2019

Professional development course

Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Development Practice

Develop your knowledge and skills in a range of participatory action research (PAR) methods for social change. Participatory Action Research is a way of engaging people living in poverty as agents of change. It is of particular importance to development practitioners and researchers today, as...

From 21 January 2019 until 25 January 2019

Professional development course

Engaging Evidence and Policy for Social Change

Help shape your organisation’s use of evidence and engagement with policy With the global rise of inequality and conflict and the acute challenges facing the most socially and politically excluded, civil society organisations, charities and development agencies are increasingly concerned...

From 15 January 2019 until 17 January 2019

Professional development course

Contribution Analysis for Impact Evaluation

Many development programmes have overlapping activities that are regularly adapted to changes in the context, and result from collaboration with many partners. Traditional impact evaluation methods are not well suited to deal with this complexity. Contribution Analysis has emerged as a novel...

From 7 January 2019 until 11 January 2019