Why learn at IDS

We are a thriving global community

When you or your organisation learn with us you become part of a worldwide network that links hundreds of development professionals and practitioners all united in their commitment to improve lives.

With faculty working all over the world and 370 partner organisations globally, IDS has a formal presence in more than 60 countries. This network provides a professional framework within which we can support your learning needs, facilitating knowledge exchange and mutual learning with the world’s best.

For example, the design and delivery of our award-winning learning package for a major development programme on technologies to enhance citizen voice and government responsiveness incorporated not only cutting-edge research from IDS, but contributions from our cross-sector partner network, including tech innovators, governance advocacy groups, grassroots organisations, local and national government officials, and researchers.

Our specialist short course participants routinely benefit from guest facilitators and speakers from our thriving global network, and our courses attract learners from more than 40 countries each year. This geographic diversity of our facilitators and leaners enriches opportunities for mutual peer exchange and learning that crosses geographic and disciplinary boundaries. Frequently, our learners and staff form lasting professional bonds.