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George Osborne has to tackle poverty to address antibiotic resistance

Ahead of George Osborne’s speech to the IMF in Washington, where he will call for immediate and global action to address the growing threat of resistance to antibiotics, the Institute of Development Studies appeals for these efforts to be underpinned with a commitment to universal access to...

15 April 2016

Press release

New open access journal aspires to “transform development knowledge”

The IDS Bulletin has just been re-launched as an open access journal, making it more widely available to non-academic audiences and accessible to researchers globally, including from countries such as India who cannot access journals through initiatives such as the Research4Life, which provides...

3 February 2016

Press release

IDS Director urges vigilance after WHO Ebola announcement

While the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) welcomes the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent announcement that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has at last come to an end, the new case identified in Sierra Leone highlights the need to remain vigilant against future re-emergence and...

18 January 2016