Geoffrey Oldham

Commemorating the life and work of Geoff Oldham, CBE

20 Oct 2017 It is with deep regret and sadness that we share the news that Professor Geoff Oldham (age 88) passed away on Sunday 1 October 2017. More details

Robot directing traffic in the DRC

Will robots take your job?

10 Oct 2017 The impact of digital technology on the future of decent work was the discussion point at the IDS fringe events held at the recent Labour and Conservative Party Conferences. More details

This is the image for IDS Bulletin 481A, 'Has Universal Development Come of Age?'.

Has Universal Development Come of Age?

04 Oct 2017 A timely new IDS Bulletin entitled ‘Has Universal Development Come of Age?’ explores how South and North approaches to development can be interlinked and argues that in order to achieve development for all more needs to be known about the nature of learning from South to North. More details
Robot directing traffic in the Democratic Republic of Congo

IDS at UK Party Conferences

20 Sep 2017 As the 2017 political party conference season gets underway in the UK, IDS is convening fringe events at the Labour and Conservative conferences on a global issue that could affect all of us as technology keeps advancing – the future of work. More details

Annual Review 2017

IDS releases its Annual Review 2017

19 Sep 2017 The Institute of Development Studies has published its Annual Review 2017 – with a focus on its unique approach to development through ‘engaged excellence’. More details

Promotional image for launch of the Nigerian Tax Research Network on 12 September 2017.

Revenue beyond oil reliance in Nigeria: new tax research network launched today

12 Sep 2017 Recent production disruptions and low oil prices have led to dramatic declines in oil revenue for Nigeria. As a result, there is a new drive to address low levels of non-oil revenue, mostly due to failures in tax collection. A new tax research network launched today will enhance the generation and exchange of tax knowledge which could help Nigeria's government move on from its reliance on oil revenue. More details

A severe drought is threatening famine in Somalia, where the UN estimates 5.5 million people at risk.
Young girls line up at a feeding centre in Mogadishu.
UN Photo/Tobin Jones
09 March 2017
Mogadishu, Somalia

‘Mass starvation’ should be considered a war crime argues new report

06 Sep 2017 In their new report, the Humanitarian Learning Centre (HLC) calls for the global community to heed the lessons of the past and hold those who use famine as a weapon of war to account for their actions, by revising international law to reflect such atrocities. More details

Leaders at the 9th BRICS Summit 2017. Credit: Government of South Africa (CC BY-ND 2.0)

BRICS Summit a turning point for China’s influence on global development

05 Sep 2017 Leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa recently convened for their 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen, China. IDS Fellow and Centre for Rising Powers and Global Deveopment Director, Dr Jing Gu, said this Summit could represent at turning point for China's influence on global development. More details

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