Achieving positive transformation in the year ahead: a vision for 2022

Published on 20 December 2021

The past 12 months have brought yet more radical transformation to global economies, societies and to the environment. From wildfires to floods, pandemic disruption to mass migration, we’re experiencing change at an incredible pace.

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As we’ve seen, this creates a huge challenge, but our belief is that it can also present us with opportunities to achieve the transformation needed towards more equitable and sustainable societies. But, how can we achieve the changes needed and what do we hope will happen in 2022? We gathered views from experts from the Institute of Development Studies and are inviting others from across our sector to join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #DevHope2022

Ayako Ebata, IDS Research Fellow
‘Covid-19 has shed a light on, and exacerbated, the existing inequalities in our societies: job security, access to high-quality healthcare, healthy eating, vaccination, and mental health. These inequalities are a result of social, economic and institutional structures that we can influence. I hope that in 2022, we put the needs of marginalised and disadvantaged people at the forefront and shape policies that improve their livelihoods, health and lives.’

Dolf J.H. te Lintelo, IDS Research Fellow and Co-leader of the Cities Cluster 
‘As climate change, conflict and other reasons are projected to cause more frequent, severe and enduring displacement crises, my wish for 2022 (and beyond!) is for greater international collaboration to support the humane protection of displaced people, and a fairer sharing of this global burden.’

Tony Roberts, IDS Research Fellow
‘I hope 2022 is the year that we successfully halt the current descent into digital authoritarianism characterised as it is by digital surveillance, online disinformation and internet shutdowns. I hope repression will be replaced by a resurgence of digital citizenship in which a free and open internet is again a source of reliable information and is reclaimed as a safe and inclusive space for democratic deliberation and debate.’

Lyla Mehta, IDS Professorial Fellow 
‘The pandemic has reversed past progress, however uneven, in addressing equity and poverty. My first hope is that rich countries like the UK urgently support the TRIPS waiver to prevent vaccine apartheid and enable vaccine production all over the global South. They also need to be more responsible regarding mitigations, without which new variants will emerge.  Secondly, having worked on water issues for a long time, I would love to see 2022 as the year when poor women and girls no longer have to walk hours a day to provide basic water for their households. Equitable access to water is key to sustainable societies and helps improve resilience to extreme weather events.’

Melissa Leach, Director, IDS  
‘In our world of disruption and uncertainty, from climate change to pandemics, economy to politics, 2022 needs research and action that builds resilient systems, appreciates diversity, and has justice – both global and local – at its heart.’

Shilpi Srivastava, IDS Research Fellow
‘My hope for 2022 is for a just and fair world. I hope that countries will step up on climate action and hear the calls from the frontline on loss and damage; those bearing the brunt of climate change must be our priority. It’s time that countries in the Global North shed their hubris and recognise the experiences, values, knowledge and expertise of the Global South in addressing climate change. We need to end this climate colonialism.’

This is just a snapshot of perspectives that we hope will be part of a larger conversation. Please add your view or find out more by following #DevHope2022 and @IDS_UK on Twitter.


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