Civic space and participation critical to meeting Global Goals

Published on 8 July 2019

IDS researchers will join international partners at the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) to call for a greater focus on participation and recognising, respecting, promoting and fulfilling human rights for all, as well as tackling the problem of closing civic space, to ensure the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development (Global Goals) are met.

Releasing doves at a demonstration calling for the participation of the civil sector in the peace process.
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Leaving no-one behind means fulfilling human rights for all

Erika Lopez Franco, who has worked as part of the Participate Initiative, which has played a critical role in establishing and calling for participatory monitoring of the Global Goals, will be attending HLPF. She will join partners including Action for Sustainable Development, ATD Fourth World, International Civil Society Centre, Institut de recherche pour le développement and University of Oxford to speak and facilitate the following side event and workshop:

Watch Erika talk about why recognising, respecting, promoting and human rights and dignity for all is critical to meeting to the central ambition of the Global Goals – to leave no-one behind.

Development needs civil society

Naomi Hossain will also be participating in HLPF, highlighting the importance of a vibrant civil society to meeting the Global Goals, and the implications of closing civic space on achieving the Global Goals. Naomi will be speaking on panels at two events:

Read more from Naomi on civic space and the SDGs

Development Studies at Sussex – contributing to the Global Goals

Professor Adam Tickell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex and member of the IDS Board of Trustees will also be speaking at an Association of Commonwealth Universities event at HLPF, Innovative approaches and partnerships to strengthen the role of educators & academia to implement the SDGs. The Vice-Chancellor will highlight the wide range of high quality research that both the University of Sussex and IDS produces, through joint programmes such as the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme and the STEPS Centre, and that is contributing to the realisation of the Global Goals.

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