IDS Big Question for Development: Zimbabwe's Land Reform

30 November 2011

Each month we speak to two people working on development issues across the world, finding out a bit about their work and asking them 'What do you think is the big question that Development Studies needs to answer?

This month, to coincide with BBC Radio 4’s Crossing Continents programme on Farming Zimbawe we focus on the myths and realities of Zimbabwe's contentious Land Reform.

Just over ten years ago, President Robert Mugabe introduced a 'fast track land reform' programme in Zimbabwe. Since then most of the country's white farmers have been forced from their land, which was handed over to about a million black Zimbabweans.

The often violent programme has created a new agrarian structure and had far-reaching consequences. But IDS research has shown that it is not the complete economic disaster widely portrayed.

To find out more we spoke to Professor Ian Scoones, the study's lead author, and Professor Mandivamba Rukuni, Director of the Afrika Wisdom Leadership Academy and formerly Chair of the Commission of Inquiry into Zimbabwe’s Land Tenure Systems.

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