New podcast series: ‘between the lines’ – Exploring books for a better world

Published on 3 October 2018

IDS is excited to announce the launch of a new podcast series called ‘between the lines’ – exploring books for a better world.

The series features a global development related book each month and interview with the author. The aim is to provide an insight on what’s behind the book as well as what’s in it – the context, the ideas underpinning it and why it matters. Each episode will reveal something of the author’s unique imaginations and the personality behind their writing.

The series begins with an interview with development legend Robert Chambers, on his book ‘Can We Know Better?: Reflections for Development.

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Listeners have the chance to win a signed copy of each book by sharing the episode on Twitter with #IDSbetweenthelines

Podcasts have seen a surge in popularity since 2015. Listeners report enjoying a level of intimacy with the stories they hear that visual media can’t offer. They also enjoy the freedom to listen whenever and wherever it’s convenient to them; you can actively listen and learn from a podcast while commuting or working out at the gym.

Between the lines is available on all major audio platforms including iTunes, Spotify, CastboxAcast, Sticher and Radio Public, as well as on IDS channels Soundcloud and YouTube. There are several excellent apps you can use to listen to it; many smart phones already have a built in podcast app for this purpose.


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