New summaries from the Handbook of Participatory Research and Inquiry

Published on 15 December 2022

Published in 2021, The Handbook of Participatory Research and Inquiry traces the roots of the radical advancement of methods and gives space to exploring critical issues which need to be understood in order to do good participatory work such as facilitation, reflective practice power analysis, positionality and ethics.

Published this year is a selection of new summaries – which are free to read – written by the authors of the original articles from the handbook.

Most of the book is devoted to the methods themselves. Each chapter gives a detailed account of the method, critical design features, and detailed how-to steps contextualised in at least one detailed case study. This will equip the reader with the knowledge they need to actually practise the method.

The Handbook is accessible via institutional libraries and available to purchase from SAGE. The first chapter is available to download for free here.


Navigating the Complex and Dynamic Landscape of Participatory Research and Inquiry
Sonia M. Ospina, Danny Burns and Jo Howard

The Fine Art of Getting Lost: Ethics as a Guide to Transformative Learning in Participatory Research
Mary Brydon-Miller, Alfredo Ortiz, Aragón Victor J. Friedman and Stephen Kroeger

The Role of Dialogue in Cooperative Inquiry
Jo Howard, Sonia M. Ospina and Lyle Yorks

Facilitating Participatory Research
Bob Dick

Feminisms, Intersectionality, and Participatory Research
Batsheva Guy and Brittany Arthur

Action Research – Participative Self in Transformative Action. A Precis
Hilary Bradbury

Encounters with the Participatory Imagination in the UK Action Research Community: Interplays and Silences
Cathy Sharp and Ruth Balogh

An Introduction to Paulo Freire and his Influence on Participatory Action Research
Fabio C. Campos and Gary L. Anderson

Influencing Global and Policy Processes through Participatory Approaches
Erika Lopez Franco and Matt Davies

The Participatory Research of Orlando Fals Borda
Álex Pereira and Joanne Rappaport

Why Link Systems, Evolution and Democratization in Action Research
Davydd J. Greenwood

A Summary of Theatre of the Oppressed and Participatory Research
Effie Makepeace

The Participation Cube and Digital Affordances for Participation
Tony Roberts

Memorialab: Dialogue, Memory and Social Healing in the Basque Country: A Methodological Note
Ingio Retolaza Eguren

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