Podcast series brings together ideas for progressive change

Published on 3 September 2019

IDS is celebrating one year of its podcast series –between the lines— about ‘books for a better world’, with a special episode that brings together clips from all the episodes across the series.

The series launched with IDS’ Robert Chambers, a researcher and development practitioner, renowned for his longstanding work on participatory approaches to research. The episode focused on his book ‘How Can We Know Better? Reflections for Development’, which set the scene for the rest of the series that has brought together conversations with academics and activists to reflect and share their experiences.

Although centred around books, IDS wanted the series to go beyond the lines on the pages and explore the ideas, reflections and wider work, in conversation with the authors. This special episode showcases the range of speakers and wealth of ideas from the series, drawing out some of the key elements needed for progressive change.

Sarah King, IDS Communications Coordinator and Producer of the series said: “It’s been a great year working on this podcast series and a pleasure to convene such interesting conversations. Podcasts provide a way of communicating complex ideas in an accessible way, through an intimate listening experience. I hope the listeners have enjoyed the podcast so far, were really excited about the episodes we have planned for the next series.”

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