Reflecting on Robert Chambers’ work: Testimonials

Published on 26 April 2022

As part of Revolutionising Development week at the Institute of Development Studies, colleagues and friends share their reflections on the work of Robert Chambers, who celebrates his 90th birthday in May.

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Kattie Lussier, McGill University

Mick Moore, IDS Fellow

David Archer, ActionAid

Mahmuda Rahman Khan, USAID


The work of Robert Chambers

Robert’s work remains as relevant as ever, and indeed offers vital insights into themes and challenges that have become even more significant in recent years. These include shifts in the politics of knowledge, truth and trust in a world of deep uncertainties and digitalised information; intensifying complexities as climate, environmental, health and economic shocks and stresses unfold across the world. As well as heightened inequities and forms of marginalisation in fractured societies and fragile democracies.

Even now, Robert’s current concerns and interests include professionalism, power, the personal dimension in development, participatory methodologies, epistemology, poverty,  stunting, teaching and learning with large numbers, and work on sanitation and hygiene with the Sanitation Learning Hub.

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