Response to Universities UK report ‘Tackling Racial Harassment in Higher Education’

Published on 24 November 2020

The report Tackling racial harassment in higher education has been published today by Universities UK (UUK), following findings from the Equality and Human Rights Commission that uncovered widespread evidence of racial harassment on university campuses.  It includes a new set of recommendations that UUK say are designed to tackle racial harassment as part of efforts to address racial inequality in UK higher education.

Professor Melissa Leach, Director, Institute of Development Studies, said: “We believe in justice and equality for all and focus our teaching, learning and research on challenging issues of power and injustice. This report is a wakeup call to the university sector that racism continues and we need meaningful change to make institutions truly inclusive. At IDS, we remain committed to diverse and inclusive places of study and work, recognising that we need to hear from every voice to realise our goal of creating research that brings progressive change.’

To find out more about the action being taken by IDS against racism, read our full statement.