The IDS Bulletin – 50 years of development research

Published on 18 January 2018

Our flagship publication, the IDS Bulletin has reached 50 years’ continuous publication. The journal enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s leading open access development research publications and brings together the latest thinking and research from work shaped by IDS and its partners, in unique thematic issues that bridge academic, practice and policy discourse.

An accessible and freely available archive of development knowledge

Since the very first issue was published in 1968, the IDS Bulletin has published over 215 issues and almost 2600 articles that cover the entire development studies spectrum. All of these articles can be accessed for free, creating a vast archive of development research for students, policy-makers, academics and development practitioners.

IDS Director and Bulletin Editor in Chief Melissa Leach says: ‘I am so proud of the IDS Bulletin reaching this important milestone. For 50 years, the IDS Bulletin has published an array of thought-provoking academic literature that has contributed to the development debate’. With an exciting array of issues ahead, the IDS Bulletin will continue to inspire a new generation of readers’.

We have seen significant growth in readership since the IDS Bulletin went open access in 2016. In fact, the IDS Bulletin was cited in the recent Monitoring the Transition to Open Access Report as ranked third  in the top 20 journals for article downloads from UK institutional repositories, 2016.

A significant proportion of IDS Bulletin contributors are from the global south, and bring fresh perspectives to development challenges. For example, the recent issue Africa’s Youth Employment Challenge: New Perspectives in which almost all the articles were written by young African researchers.

Forthcoming issues on nutrition, politics, social action and the future of aid

Looking ahead, the IDS Bulletin has an exciting set of issues planned for 2018 and beyond. Forthcoming issues include:

  • Value Chains for Nutrition In South Asia: Who Delivers, How, and to Whom? IDS Bulletin 49.1, published January 2018. Edited by Mar Maestre and Nigel Pool
  • Unpicking Power and Politics for Transformative Change, IDS Bulletin 49.2, published March 2018. Edited by Alex Shankland, Gerry Bloom and Erica Nelson
  • Social Action for Change Amidst Fragility and Violence: Learning from (Recent) History, IDS Bulletin 49.3, published June 2018. Edited by Anu Joshi and Jonathan Fox
  • Beyond Aid: The Future of Development Cooperation, IDS Bulletin 49.4, published July 2018. Edited by Jing Gu and Naohiro Kitano

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