Where next for global development? A review of the year and look forward to 2019

Published on 19 December 2018

In 2018 there have been some important changes in the global context for international development. The ongoing rise of populism.  America retreating from the global stage while China seeks to increase its influence through the Belt and Road Initiative.  Protest movements such as #metoo and RiseforClimate also gathered global momentum in spite of shrinking civil society spaces and there has been a growing recognition of and action on the issue of plastics pollution.


IDS’ work continues to bring new evidence and insights to addressing these global challenges.  Through new research and analysis on digital technology, citizen voice and accountable governance.  Or through IDS’ new agenda-setting work on disability, religious inclusion in development or tackling the drivers of modern slavery and child labour. 2018 has also been another productive year for IDS’ development studies postgraduate degrees, which are ranked first in the world, and professional development learning programme that continues to grow.

Looking forward, 2019 heralds an important moment for global development.  Over 40 countries, including the UK, are due to report on progress against the Sustainable Development Goals in the summer.  At IDS, we will continue to bring evidence and learning to bear on efforts to achieve these Global Goals.  And most importantly on understanding and challenging the relationships of power and political choices that fundamentally shape issues of poverty, inequality and sustainability irrespective of geography.

All at IDS look forward to working closely with partners, existing and new, in these endeavours in 2019.



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