World Social Science Report 2016

Published on 21 October 2016

Never before has inequality been so high on the agenda of policy makers worldwide, or such a hot topic for social science research. Governments worldwide have committed to take action on inequality through the Sustainable Development Goals, around the universal aim to ‘leave no-one behind’. Today, more journal articles are published on the topic of inequality and social justice than ever before.

Podcast: World Social Science Report launch seminar at IDS

Challenging Inequalities: Pathways to a Just World‘, Institute of Development Studies

The World Social Science Report 2016 has over 100 authors from some 40 countries worldwide. It highlights the latest social science knowledge on the state of inequalities today, and examines the effects of inequalities across multiple dimensions including gender, environment, access to knowledge, wealth and political power. Looking to the future, the Report asks what scenarios may develop from current levels of inequality, and highlights transformative responses to inequality at all levels, from the grassroots to global governance. It concludes with a clarion call to the research community to step up to the global challenges presented by inequality, and presents a framework for integrated, global research that can make a difference.

The report was first launched in Sweden in September 2016 and is subsequently being presented at a number of events around the world.

Launch events

The World Social Science Report 2016 is prepared by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) in collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), and co-published with UNESCO.