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Photo of Pauline Oosterhoff, Research Fellow, Participation Power and Social Change

Prohibition, Indian-style

By Pauline Oosterhoff, Rituu B. Nanda
29 Mar 2017
The results of prohibition in India are the same as in America: debt, impoverishment and organised crime.

Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability Centre logo

Facts vs truth: Brexit and sustainability in turbulent times

28 Mar 2017
Today the UK's Article 50 letter will be delivered, formally marking the UK's intention to leave the European Union, but what does Brexit mean for sustainability?

Photo of Vivienne Benson, Administrator, Globalisation Team

Building trust in a post-truth age

By Vivienne Benson
28 Mar 2017
The language of ‘post-truth’ along with all its connotations, represents an era where evidence and experts are often accused of being detached from reality. Vivienne Benson argues that evidence is about building trust and not just 'cold, hard facts'.

Image used on the cover of the IDS Bulletin 'Interrogating Decentralisation in Africa'. Panos.

Electoral promises and performance in Nigerian local government

27 Mar 2017
In this blog, the first in a series on Interrogating Decentralisation in Africa, researchers from Nigeria share insights from their recent study on citizens’ perceptions of elected versus ‘selected’ local government officials.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

Imagined futures: rural school leavers in 20 years time

By Ian Scoones
27 Mar 2017
What do young people imagine they will be doing in the future and what obstacles lie in their way? These were questions we posed to a total of 84 Form IV students in 3 schools in or very near to A1 resettlement areas across the country.

Photo of Nick Nisbett, IDS Research Fellow in the Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction team

Why should you apply for the Transforming Nutrition Short Course?

By Nicholas Nisbett
24 Mar 2017
Every year, IDS hosts the Transforming Nutrition short course with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) as part of the Transform Nutrition consortium. Nick Nisbett explains why nutrition experts should apply for the 2017 course by 7 April.

Photo of Kelly Shephard, IDS Open Knowledge and Digital Services Unit

When robots meet researchers: 5 tips for academics disrupted by digitisation

By Kelly Shephard
24 Mar 2017
Reflecting on the recent Digital Development Summit, IDS's Kelly Shephard offers five tips for international development researchers in an age of rapid digitisation.

Book cover

Is it time to stop talking about research uptake?

By James Georgalakis
23 Mar 2017
Research is essential for progressive development but uptake may be a misleading way to describe its reach and impact.

Photo of IDS researcher Amber Huff

Just another drop in the bucket on World Water Day?

By Amber Huff
22 Mar 2017
On World Water Day, Amber Huff argues that we need to address the water crisis, not just through technical and market solutions, but in addressing issues of inequality that underly the crisis. Anything less is just a drop in the bucket.

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Alex Cobham International Tax Justice Network

An alternative approach to taxing multinational companies

By Alex Cobham
28 Feb 2017
International tax rules for multinational companies appear to be approaching a major crossroads. Unitary tax could well emerge as the new basis for international tax rules over the next decade, which makes newly published ICTD (free) book particularly timely.

Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) logo

India's Rural Sanitation: From lose-lose to win-win

By Robert Chambers
27 Feb 2017
Prime Minister Modi has set the 2nd October 2019 as the target date for rural India to be Open Defecation Free (ODF). Remarkable progress has been achieved, but there is a very long way still to go.  One major problem is partial usage of toilets. 

Beyond the crises: debating Zimbabwe’s future

By Ian Scoones
27 Feb 2017
News from Zimbabwe is dominated by crisis: economic, political, social, environmental and more. But what lies beyond? It is good news that people are thinking about this.

Photo of Inka Barnett

Can mobile phones change behaviour when it comes to nutrition?

By Inka Barnett
24 Feb 2017
Despite the enthusiasm about the role of mobile phones, to date there have been no rigorous evaluations of mobile services.To address this gap in the evidence, a consortium of researchers have just started an evaluation to assess the impact of m-Nutrition.

Abigail Hunt

Planning for the future is vital but ‘Uber-isation’ is happening now

By Abigail Hunt
23 Feb 2017
Next month sees the inaugural Digital Development Summit, and following last week's post on why the future of work in a digital age matters for development actors, here is the next in the series, by ODI's Abigail Hunt.

Photo of Stephen Wood, Participation Research team, IDS

Ripping aside the Global Gag and speaking out on reproductive justice

By Stephen Wood
22 Feb 2017
IDS’s Stephen Wood outlines the impacts of Trump’s reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule and a welcome initiative from the Netherlands

Mathare Social Justice Centre. MAVC programme.

“Stronger together” – challenging rights abuses in Kenya

By Karen Brock
20 Feb 2017
On World Social Justice Day, Karen Brock reflects on how a partnership between researchers working on citizen engagement and a Kenyan urban grassroots movement offers insights into applied research supported citizen-led change in defence of human rights.

This is the cover for Zimbabwe's Land Reform: Myths and Realities

The future of medium-scale commercial farms in Zimbabwe

By Ian Scoones
20 Feb 2017
Important changes are afoot in the size structure of farms in Africa. The rise of 'medium-scale' farms is often pointed to.

IDS opinion on international development, news and research via our blogs

Highlights from our course Designing Effective Ways to Evaluate Impact

17 Feb 2017
Rachel Eager offers 3 highlights from our recent short course on impact evaluation.

Photo of Becky Faith, Research Officer, Digital and Technology research cluster

Why development should care about the future of work in a digital era

By Becky Faith, Ben Ramalingam
17 Feb 2017
IDS’s Becky Faith and Ben Ramalingam explain why the future of work in a digital age matters for development actors, and what we need to be thinking and doing differently.

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