Africa’s engagement with China and the G20

Published on 30 June 2017

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As the world’s most powerful nations prepare to gather at the G20 meeting in Germany, researchers at IDS have been exploring the opportunities and challenges for developing economies in engaging with developed countries.

The relationship between China and Africa

One of the key relationships is the one between China and Africa. An area where Dr Jing Gu, Director of Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development at the Institute of Development Studies, has significant expertise and who was recently quoted in a Financial Times article written by David Piling looking in more detail at China’s growing international ambition and its greater geopolitical influence in Africa.

In the article Dr Jing Gu said:

Beijing’s engagement with Africa is more multi-layered than is often recognised. China wants the relationship to be mutually beneficial.

“The crucial thing for African governments is to take control of their relationships, whether with the west or China. That means setting priorities, ensuring skills are transferred and negotiating with foreign partners on their own terms. They need to be clear about who can play what role.”

Dr Gu. has conducted extensive field research in this area, including her ground breaking pioneering work on China in Africa which involved field research in 12 African countries and 9 Chinese provinces from 2007-2012. She has also led work on UK and Chinese cooperation around trade and investment to reduce poverty in Africa.

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