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Being part of the IDS community

Published on 19 January 2023

A student on MA in Governance, Development & Public Policy, 2023

A student who studied for their Master’s in Governance, Development & Public Policy in 2022/23 reflects on their time at IDS, and the sense of community she feels a part of.

One of my first impressions of IDS was on the induction day. Staff had a name badge for every student, where we are from and notes from our applications. They wanted to really know the person we are, and for us to feel seen. I am used to being in such large classes, where some of my professors didn’t even know my name!

Coming to Brighton to study at IDS is the first time I’ve lived away from my family. During the first term, I visited London twice, and when I think back to my application, I know I made the right choice by coming to IDS and living in Brighton. It’s what I need – the pace of life is not too fast and not slow. It’s a really comfortable space to explore living by myself.

Being like a family

When I got confirmation that I had been accepted onto the course, the University of Sussex (IDS partner, who enrol students onto IDS courses) organised a dinner in Delhi, where I’m from, so I got to meet other Indians going to study at Sussex. Even though they are not on my course (MA Governance, Development & Public Policy), I have stayed really close to those people I met. I can count on them, and they know they can count on me.

I live in a house on campus, with four other students. The dynamic is lovely – we’re like a little family!

A global hub

I love how multicultural it is at IDS, I have friends from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Egypt, the UK and the US, and have got to learn about those cultures.

The other people on my course are great. I was sick a few weeks back, and I was able to text them to ask for help. We tend to meet for coffee on Saturdays, and we get together to celebrate our deadlines.

I am one of the youngest on my course so I really value getting to learn from my classmates.

Dogs of IDS

I absolutely love that staff at IDS bring in their dogs. I have met Lois, Butter, Pablo and Senor Benjamin (a rescue dog from Spain). Butter is so cuddly, and Pablo has headbutted me for attention! Once I was working on an essay and felt quite stuck. Then I met Lois and it helped me to de-stress and work better. Sussex University also has a Dog Society, where you can go and meet dogs as a stress-buster. I find it to be really helpful.

I couldn’t talk about my experience at IDS without giving a huge shout-out to my tutors and convenors! There is always someone I can go to if I have a problem, and I had so much support when I was having trouble with my submissions. I hope they know how much we appreciate them!

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