Depoliticising politics

Published on 16 August 2023

Marwan Issa, , current IDS student

Lebanon’s political economy has long been characterised by the dominance of localist forms of governance, typified in the political familism and patrimonialisation of local leaders within communities in a political cultural of za’amatiyya (idolised leadership).

In this blog, IDS student Marwan Issa assesses the ruling class attempts to depoliticise, technocratise and decollectivise the 2019 protest movement in Lebanon.

This is one of a series of blogs supported by the IDS Alumni Office and written by current IDS students and PhD researchers from the current academic year. Click below to read the full blog.

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People holding up a banner at a protest
A protest in Lebanon in March 2021, amidst deteriorating economic conditions. The translation is “Towards secularism in the face of sectarian parties. Towards social justice in the face of banks’ parties”


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