Impact Story

Shaping UK development policies on SDGs, population and fertility

Published on 1 August 2018

IDS leads the consortium implementing the Knowledge for Development (K4D) programme, which provides a rapid response research synthesis helpdesk service, as well as learning support (through activities and products) for several hundred professional advisers at DFID.

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At the end of its first full year of implementation, the programme had delivered more than 260 helpdesk reports in response to requests from DFID advisers on a range of topics; and initiated or completed 16 learning journeys on a range of cutting edge global themes, including ‘leave no one behind’, improving data systems, gender, scaling up complex social change programmes, and delivering essential services in protracted crises.

One learning journey involved supporting DFID staff to explore the impact of population dynamics on development, and has been instrumental in shaping a new Africa strategy, introducing revised, country-based diagnostic approaches, and in informing a new fertility and population strategy. K4D has also provided learning support to two ‘leave no one behind’ DFID professional development conferences, representing engagement with over 250 advisers across a range of four professional cadres.

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