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Alan Stanley

Digital Knowledge Manager

Alan Stanley has over 20 years’ experience developing and delivering high quality websites, digital content and publications on a broad range of development and environmental issues.

A key theme throughout his work has been promoting open and equitable access to information using digital technologies. He is manager and senior editor of Eldis – one of the leading global portals providing access to research on international development. In addition, he works on a number of different projects at IDS supporting effective knowledge sharing and research uptake. In his work on the Mobilising Knowledge for Development (MK4D) programme, the Global Open Knowledge Hub project and most recently GODAN Action, Alan has worked extensively with a range of partners to develop knowledge mobilisation approaches and online digital services relevant to developing country contexts and appropriate to specific audiences.



Covid-19 Learning, Evidence and Research Programme for Bangladesh (CLEAR)

The Covid-19 Learning, Evidence and Research Programme (CLEAR) is a 2.5 year FCDO-funded programme to support an evidence-informed Covid-19 response and recovery in Bangladesh. The pandemic has disrupted production in agriculture, industry and the informal sector- creating a new class of poor....


Better Assistance in Crises (BASIC) Research

The intersection of protracted conflict and displacement with recurring climate shocks, alongside the shifting nature of humanitarian responses, presents multiple challenges for how to provide social assistance more effectively in protracted crises. BASIC (Better Assistance in Crises) Research...


Covid-19 Responses for Equity (CORE) Knowledge Translation Support

This knowledge translation project aims to increase the visibility, support and uptake of research generated by IDRC’s cohort of CORE research projects, to foster evidence-based policymaking for response to and recovery from the socio-economic impacts of Covid-19.


Covid Collective Research Platform

The Covid Collective Research Platform will offer a rapid social science research response to inform decision-making on some of the most pressing Covid-19 related development challenges.


Impact Story

Evidence-handling skills improve policymaking in Zanzibar

In much of our work, it takes time to discover if we have achieved the impacts hoped for. Just occasionally, that feedback comes more swiftly – as in the case of our capacity-building activities on evidence use in Zanzibar, where the impacts on policymaking appear to be almost immediate. Read...

3 September 2020



Lessons for Open Data for Development Programmes

IDS Policy Briefing;171

Open data programmes – that support the access, distribution, and effective use of data by everyone for free – are a relatively new area in global development. As more initiatives emerge, there is a need for stronger evidence to inform effective design and implementation that can mitigate...

Louise Clark
Louise Clark & 3 others

22 October 2020

Alan Stanley’s recent work

Specialist short course

Shaping Policy with Evidence online course

This six-week online policy course will equip you with the theories and practices required to operate effectively at the interface between policy and research.

From 18 April 2023 until 25 May 2023


Open data initiatives: what has GODAN Action learnt so far?

From 19 to 23 March, IDS representatives will be taking part in a series of activities to reflect on promoting the use of open data in the agriculture and nutrition sectors, as partners in the GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) Action project funded by the UK's Department for...

20 March 2018