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Amy Cowlard

Senior Project Support Officer



The African Sousveillance Project

The Sousveillance Project will document the supply chain of digital technologies from the global North used for illegal surveillance in Africa and produce evidence to hold accountable the companies that benefit from violating citizens’ rights.


African Digital Rights Network

Many countries in Africa are experiencing a closing of civic space. This network brings together activists, analysts and researchers from seven African countries.

Amy Cowlard’s recent work

Past Event

Picturing change: Oil development in rural northern Kenya

This photographic exhibition tells the story of changing lives and livelihoods in Lokichar, a small town in Turkana County, and surrounding villages that are at the centre of northern Kenya’s oil frontier. This exhibition will be opened by the Labour MP for Kemptown and member of the...

9 November 2018


Digital and Technology

Advancing knowledge, shaping policy and inspiring practice on digital development is critical to achieving our vision of a more equitable and sustainable world, where people everywhere can live their lives free from poverty and injustice. The digital revolution has ushered in transformative...