Carolina Pérez

Carolina Pérez

Carolina Pérez studied the MA in Participation, Power and Social Change at IDS and recently carried out action research with the 2018 radical Brazilian Presidential election campaign of Guilherme Boulos and Sônia Guajajara. She was a Student Movement leader and is member of Revolución Democrática, a political party in Chile that forms part of Frente Amplio, a new political coalition borned from social movements that turned into the third political force in Chile after 2017’s elections for Congress and Presidency.



Youth employment and politics

Over 40 percent of global populations are under 25 yet young people cannot secure work and increasingly face a crisis of citizenship. Youth Employment and Politics at IDS builds on decades of research to develop knowledge and evidence that contributes to effective interventions that supports,...



Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil: a call for action

The election of Bolsonaro as President of Brazil, one of the biggest economies in the world, with 55 percent of the votes in the second round, has left me feeling disappointed, sad, and deeply concerned about the human rights of many people.  Like many others in Brazil and from around the...

13 November 2018