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Chloe Skinner

Post-doctoral researcher

Chloe Skinner is a post-doctoral researcher in the Power and Popular Politics Cluster at IDS. Her research interests transect and weave together intersectional feminism and queer theory, embodiment and affect, coloniality – specifically the material and epistemological dimensions of settler colonial violence – and the broader context of backlash amid intersecting global crises. Geographically, she has specific expertise and experience working in the occupied Palestinian context.

Before joining IDS, Chloe worked for Airwars and Drone Wars as a researcher, and was an activist in Palestine for two years previous to this work. Her PhD examined the gendered politics of settler colonialism with specific focus on masculinities across the divided yet relational contexts of Israeli militarism and occupied Palestine. Her forthcoming book builds on this work exploring the fluidity and interconnected nature of masculinities within this specific interactional setting, indicating that what is hailed as ‘the ideal’ is ever subject to change amid complex webs of power, colonisation and hetero-patriarchy.

Chloe now works on the Countering the Backlash: Reclaiming Gender Justice programme at IDS – examining the current global tide of backlash against feminism and progressive politics more broadly – and co-leads an AHRC funded project exploring embodied processes of resistance at the nexus of overlapping forms of violence in Iraq and Palestine. She teaches on the MA Gender and Development programme as both a lecturer and a tutor.



Countering Backlash: Reclaiming Gender Justice

Global progress on gender equality is under threat. We are living in an age where major political and social shifts are resulting in new forces that are visibly pushing back to reverse the many gains made for women’s rights and to shrink civic space. This patriarchal backlash is escalating...



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