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Diana Conyers

Dr Diana Conyers is a social scientist with nearly 40 years’ experience of development work, most of it based overseas. Throughout her career she has combined practical work (including government employment, applied research and consultancy) with teaching and writing, in the belief that these two types of activity are mutually supportive.

Diana worked at IDS from January 2005 to April 2013 and primarily as Programme Convenor of the MA Governance and Development. She had a particular interest in providing IDS students with practical fieldwork experience in the local community.

Diana Conyers’s recent work

Development Frames

Great Achievements

Second runner up ‘Why on earth did I agree to do this?’ Angela asked herself. She looked at the other people sitting with her on the podium. There were four other speakers - three men and a woman. She knew and respected them all. They were hard-working, committed people, who...

1 December 2016


The Zambezi Valley Refrain: A Story of Empowerment

Guest blog by Diana Conyers, a former colleague at IDS at Sussex, and someone who worked for many years in Zimbabwe. Her discussion of a new book - The Zambezi Valley Refrain: The Story of Basilwizi identifies some key ingredients for successful local development.

30 May 2016

Working Paper

Deepening Democracy in the UK: Rhetoric and Reality

Increasing concern about the quality of democracy has prompted efforts in many countries, ‘developed’ and ‘less developed’, to ‘deepen democracy’ by increasing the opportunities for citizen participation. One such country is the UK.

14 November 2008

Journal Article

Decentralising Service Delivery?


Does the devolution of responsibility for service provision to elected local authorities improve the delivery of services to the poor? This is the major challenge of democratic decentralisation and a key benchmark for assessment. Many governments devolve power and resources to local bodies which...

1 January 2007