Image of Diana Maria Ramirez Sarmiento

Diana Maria Ramirez Sarmiento

Postgraduate researcher

Diana is a postgraduate researcher in the Participation, Inclusion, and Social Change Cluster.

She is studying the relationship between civil society participation in the design and implementation of development programmes and poverty reduction in the Colombian post-conflict. Specifically, through a participatory action research approach, she aims to analyse the impact of participation in the Development Programmes with a Territorial-Based FocusĀ (PDET by its acronym in Spanish), created by the Colombian Peace Agreement to rebuild the municipalities most affected by the armed conflict and poverty. She is supervised by Jo Howard, Jackie Shaw, and Marina Apgar.

Prior to joining IDS, Diana worked as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Universidad de La Sabana, in Colombia. Her lectures and research focused on social movements, citizen participation in post-conflict contexts, and peacebuilding initiatives for poverty reduction. Currently Diana is on leave of absence for study her PhD.

Diana holds a Bachelor of Laws, BA in Political Science, and MA in Political Science from Universidad de los Andes, in Colombia.