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Dieunedort Wandji

Research Officer

Dieunedort Wandji is currently a Research Officer on the multi-sited project Islands of Innovation in Protracted Crises: Building Equitable Resilience from Below, which covers the Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He did his PhD in Politics and International Development at the University of Portsmouth, focusing on vernacular idioms of security and resilience within border communities in Africa. Dieunedort has done fieldwork in Nigeria, Cameroon and Gabon. The Islands of Innovation project covers several communities across the Ivory Coast and DRC, where fieldwork will be conducted, using interdisciplinary research strategies and participative data collection methods.

Prior to joining academic research as a Research Associate at the University of Portsmouth, Dieunedort had been involved in various aspects of development and access to knowledge advocacy, both in Africa and in Europe. In 2010, he was appointed Country Coordinator for the Access to Knowledge (A2K) Programme in Cameroon. Dieunedort has also worked on the Priority Issues Programme at Consumers International in London, focusing mainly on promoting financial justice and financial literacy in developing countries.

Dieunedort’s regional focus is sub-Saharan Africa, with research interests in border areas, transnational security, transborder mobility, and regional integration policies




Addressing knowledge inequalities in research partnerships

International partnerships have played an important role in academic research about the African continent. While funding sources have diversified, a significant share of these partnerships are resourced through European and North American international aid and its renewed interest in...

24 May 2022


Pandemics and the paradoxes of life stories in Kikwit

Local communities in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of the Congo, have long endured the ravages of local ravines, without government assistance. Their political marginalisation and distrust of the central government mean that state-led Covid-19 pandemic response are failing in the area. The...

13 April 2022


Working Paper

Résilience vernaculaire: Une approche analytique des pratiques sociales et des répertoires culturels de résilience à long terme en Côte d’Ivoire et en République Démocratique du Congo

Ce document de travail vise à situer notre projet de recherche dans les débats sur la résilience. Le projet adopte une approche sociohistorique et culturelle pour comprendre comment les communautés développent et partagent des pratiques de résilience dans des contextes de crises. La mise...

27 May 2021

Working Paper

Vernacular Resilience: An Approach to Studying Long-Term Social Practices and Cultural Repertoires of Resilience in Côte d’Ivoire and the Democratic Republic of Congo

This working paper aims to situate our research project within the various debates around resilience. It advocates a historical, cultural and plural approach to understanding how communities develop and share resilient practices in contexts of multiple and protracted crises. A focus on...

14 May 2021

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