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Dolf J.H. te Lintelo

Research Fellow and Cities Cluster Leader

Dolf J.H. te Lintelo is a Research Fellow and Leader of the Cities Cluster. His research interests concern the politics of public policy processes; the participation of state and non-state actors in policymaking and implementation; and advocacy, collective action and power in these.

Dolf’s research explores the governance and micro-political processes shaping formal/informal relationships in cities and the ways in which these affect poverty and wellbeing outcomes. His work includes analysis of: policy and everyday forms of regulation of street vendors in India; the wellbeing of informal workers in urban informal settlements in Bangladesh; and the ways in which modalities of reception in cities in Jordan and Lebanon shape wellbeing outcomes for Syrian refugees and host communities.

Dolf has also led the development of innovative international metrics for government political commitment to address hunger and malnutrition (www.hancindex.org), working closely with African and South Asian civil society partners to support evidence-based policy advocacy and accountability for nutrition. Additional research interests include the urban nutrition transition, social protection and young people in policy processes.

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Big Data for Development Studies (BIDDS): An Innovative Methodology

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Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration

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Making use of big data to inform policy: Lebanon case study

Lebanon, crippled by the continuing financial crisis; soaring poverty; a refugee crisis; deteriorating public services; deep political instability; the Covid-19 pandemic; and the last straw a month ago, the devastating 4 August blast and the tumultuous string of events that followed, is a...

7 September 2020


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