Egidio Chaimite

Egidio Chaimite

Postgraduate Researcher

Egidio Chaimite is undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Development Studies.

The research title is:

‘‘People and Party-State in Rural Gaza, Mozambique.’’

Alex Shankland and Patta Scott-Villiers are the PhD supervisors.



Governance Diaries of the Poor

Background We do not have much understanding of what empowerment and accountability mean to poor people through their lived experiences. In fact, in fragile and conflict-affected settings, especially in areas affected by violent conflict, we have little understandings of how ordinary people...


Journal Article

Governance Diaries: An Approach to Researching Marginalized People’s Lived Experiences in Difficult Settings

International Journal of Qualitative Methods Vol 22

How do chronically poor and marginalized citizens interact with and make claims to the different public authorities that exist in fragile, conflict and violence-affected contexts? In other words, how does governance from below look like in difficult settings? Given the centrality of the...

2 February 2023


Understanding Governance from the Margins: What Does It Mean In Practice?

What does governance look like ‘from below’ – from the perspectives of poor and marginalised households? How do patterns of conflict affect that? These were the questions at the heart of the Governance at the Margins research project. Over three years from 2017-2020 we worked to explore...

Katrina Barnes & 13 others

29 November 2021

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