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Egidio Chaimite

Postgraduate Researcher

Egidio Chaimite is undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Development Studies.

The research title is:

‘‘People and Party-State in Rural Gaza, Mozambique.’’

Alex Shankland and Patta Scott-Villiers are the PhD supervisors.



Governance Diaries of the Poor

Background We do not have much understanding of what empowerment and accountability mean to poor people through their lived experiences. In fact, in fragile and conflict-affected settings, especially in areas affected by violent conflict, we have little understandings of how ordinary people...


Working Paper

Energy Protests in Fragile Settings: The Unruly Politics of Provisions in Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, 2007–2017

IDS Working Paper;513

How do popular protests about the basics of everyday life, specifically about energy, come about in settings where political authority is fragmented and conflict and repression common? How do state and political actors respond to protests which disrupt social and economic life, and undermine...

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Naomi Hossain & 6 others

1 June 2018

Egidio Chaimite’s recent work