Ernestina (Edem) Selormey

Ernestina (Edem) Selormey

DPhil student

Thesis title: Citizen’s Demands and Bureaucratic Responsiveness: The Case of FM Radio Phone-Ins and the Delivery of Municipal/local Government Services in Ghana.

Research topic: In this study, I seek answers to the question: to what extent can and in what ways do citizens’ demands for municipal service delivery through the medium of radio phone-ins yield public goods and developmental outcomes within a neo-patrimonial environment. My study looks at citizen’s call-ins into radio programmes that provide a platform for them to vent their frustrations about poor public servies and demand from central government in general and municipal authority in particular as well as the rapid response to, or resolution of those problems. These radio programmes, though largely urban-based have become popular as the number of FM radio stations in Ghana increases. I find this new form of citizen demand for accountability and responsiveness from the municipal authority interesting; particularly, the dynamic of the demand for, and supply of public goods aided by radio, and the possibility of such an interaction producing changes in the organisational operations of the municipal authority, either institutionally or at the individual level.

General research interests and experience: I have ten years experience working with the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), a policy research think tank dedicated to the promotion of good governance and democracy in Africa. I also have an appreciable knowledge of and interest in democracy, economic reform, and quality of life issues in some selected African countries, gained from working with the Afrobarometer – an independent, nonpartisan research project that measures the social, political and economic atmosphere in Africa. I am interested in governance and democracy, civil society, media/new media in Africa, with particular reference to Ghana.