Gerald Bloom

Gerald Bloom

Research Fellow

Gerald Bloom is a physician and health economist. His special interest is the management of health system transition in the context of rapid social and economic change. Areas of particular focus include the changing roles of government, health system innovations processes of institutional development.

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Mutual Learning for Mixed Health Systems

The Mutual Learning for Mixed Health Systems platform supports and encourages experimental learning processes to build consensus on socially desirable, equity-led policies and actions for the management of change in pluralist health systems. The platform is a growing partnership, so far...


K4D Prosperity Fund COVID-19 Evidence and Learning Initiative

This Evidence and Learning Initiative was a cooperation with the Prosperity Fund (PF). It helped to ensure that in the current context of COVID-19, changes to the existing PF portfolio (and investments in new ones) are informed by and contribute to the evidence base on how the pandemic is...


IDS China Centre

The IDS China Centre, part of the IDS International Initiatives, provides research focus on a country transforming global geopolitics due to its strategic importance, role in the global south and its commitment to development. It recognises that tackling universal challenges such as climate...



Future health systems: right here, right now

In complex and rapidly changing health systems and societies, there are no realistic transferable blueprints to guide countries’ strategies for accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Instead, governments must work with a range of actors through innovative partnerships...

21 September 2023


Pressing for global action on antimicrobial resistance

In an address to the 2022 World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress in Washington D.C. in September, Xavier Becerra, United States Secretary for Health and Human Services, described antimicrobial resistance as “…the second punch [after Covid-19] that gets those who are least prepared, the most...

27 September 2022


Mutual learning: development fad or foundation?

Is ‘mutual learning’ simply a development trend, or an important foundation for development cooperation and global governance? Who benefits from mutual learning? And what role should organisations like IDS play in mutual learning for development? What do we mean by mutual learning? The...

Alex Shankland
Alex Shankland & 3 others

19 March 2021



Towards Digital Transformation for Universal Health Coverage

The Covid-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the need to ensure equitable access to safe, effective and affordable health services. The very rapid shift to the use of smartphone apps and telephone consultations (telemedicine) has highlighted the potential impact of digital innovations on the...

Gerald Bloom
Gerald Bloom & 6 others

1 June 2023

Journal Article

Introduction: the Accountability Politics of Reducing Health Inequalities. Learning from Brazil and Mozambique

Novos Estudos CEBRAP;vol.38 no.2

Inequality is a key political issue of our times. It has political consequences, fuelling conflict and raising legitimacy challenges for regimes around the world, in democratic and non‑demo‑ cratic settings alike. At the centre of these challenges is the question of accountability: who can...

19 December 2019

Gerald Bloom’s recent work


Leaders meet in Japan to achieve health for all by 2030

The Universal Health Coverage Forum 2017 (12 – 15 December) in Tokyo sees leaders, donors, civil society, health providers and academics, including researchers from IDS, come together to agree the best way forward to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of health for all by 2030.

11 December 2017