Hannah Timmis

Research Officer



Double Taxation Agreements and Developing Countries

K4D Helpdesk Report 329

The literature estimates that approximately 3,000 Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) are in force, which could be a fraction of the number of potential bilateral tax relationships, as there is no centralised, complete and public database.

29 June 2018


Lessons from Donor Support to Technical Assistance Programmes

K4D Helpdesk Report

A rapid review discussing aid effectiveness and impact in relation to capacity building programmes. It finds that there is a dearth of rigorous evaluations of capacity building interventions.

15 January 2018


The Impact of Standards on Developing Country Exports

K4D Helpdesk Report

The review has two objectives: (i) to present the state of the evidence on sectors in which standards are net barriers to developing country exports and sectors in which standards are net catalysts to developing country exports; and (ii) to assess the strength of this evidence and identify gaps.

23 November 2014