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Isabele Villwock Bachtold

External Consultant

Isabele Villwock Bachtold is an anthropologist who has worked for ten years with social policies, qualitative monitoring and evaluation, civil society, rural development and indigenous and minority communities, particularly in Brazil. Her current research is on state narratives and agency roles that frame a policy response to the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil.

Isabele is also a civil servant at the Brazilian government and a recently graduated Masters student, in Development Studies with distinction, at IDS. She also holds a Masters degree in Social Anthropology, BA degrees in Social Sciences and International Relations, all of which she achieved at the University of Brasilia.



Building collaboration for action ethnography on care, disability and health policy and administration of public service for women and caretakers of Zika virus affected children in Pernambuco, Brazil

The aim of this project is to promote well-informed dialogue and collaboration between affected groups and service-providers about the biological, social and emotional effects of Zika. The research will pursue an understanding of therapeutic itineraries of affected populations and their capacity...



Isabele Villwock Bachtold’s recent work