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Jaideep Gupte

Research Fellow and Cities Cluster Co-Leader

Dr Jaideep Gupte is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, where he co-leads the Cities Cluster and co-convenes the MA in Poverty and Development. He is currently seconded part-time to lead the Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure portfolio of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Gupte’s research is on urban violence, poverty and development. His other research interests and expertise include urban inclusion, justice/security in informal settlements, and using GIS/GPS aided mobile data collection platforms for spatial research.

He is currently the Principal Investigator on ‘Smart Data for Inclusive Cities’ funded by the European Commission; Gupte’s research has received the Global Development Network Medal for Outstanding Research, Category: Rule of Law. He was formerly Fellow of the Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai.

Gupte has conducted primary research in South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal) and sub-Saharan Africa (Sudan, Nigeria).

Jaideep Gupte’s recent work

Journal Article

How do the State’s Organisational Capacities at the Micro-and Macro-Levels Influence Agriculture-Nutrition Linkages in Fragile Contexts?

Food Policy Special 82

This paper systematically reviews the evidence on what capacities the state requires to leverage agriculture for nutrition in fragile contexts, maintaining a focus on state in South Asia (especially India). It uses the framework of what the state ought to do (in terms of pathways), can do (in...

1 January 2019