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James Andrews

Communications and Marketing Assistant



Rejuvenating the IDS building imagery

In March 2020, the IDS building fell silent after the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19. Following long months of lockdowns and uncertainly, in early 2021 we began to see the building reopening and our community being able to return to being in the same space. In the conversations about...

5 October 2021


Decolonising the use of imagery at IDS

Every institution, be it the British Royal Family, the United Nations or a University are a product of the historical, cultural, and social spaces they inhabit. The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is no exception. Our pedagogy, the research we conduct and the stories that we tell are all...

7 May 2021


Unfolding the history of international development

“History is necessary to understand the present, to speak truth to power, and to fuel hope – no matter how controversial and many times put under scrutiny – that, despite historical turnarounds, some form of progress exists, or will in the future, and that it is possible to be in a better...

19 February 2020

James Andrews’s recent work


Trans-Atlantic study looks to Brighton and Hove for lessons from pandemic

Health and care partners in Brighton and Hove are to be part of a new Trans-Atlantic research project to find important lessons from the pandemic to help reduce inequality. The Institute of Development Studies research project aims to identify the innovations and collaborations that have...

15 June 2022

Past Event

Decolonising economic thought? Possible histories from the BLDS collections

Amidst calls for the decolonisation of the social sciences, histories of economic knowledge centred in the Global South can help reflect on what this might mean in practice. The British Library for Development Studies hosts a world-leading collection of economists’ writings from Asia, Africa...

8 June 2022