Jennifer Constantine

Jennifer Constantine

Policy Engagement and Research Consultant

Jennifer Constantine is an independent research consultant affiliated to the Institute of Development Studies.

Her research focuses on transnational policy learning and knowledge politics, exploring the travel and translation of health and social development policy ideas from the Global South to the Global North, particularly around policy on food and nutritional security, obesity and non-communicable diseases. Previous work explored the rapid rise of countries such as the BRICS in the changing politics of global development; examining opportunities for mutual learning and the implications of this for traditional and emerging development donors.

From 2012-2016, Jennifer was part of the UKAID-funded Rising Powers in International Development programme; coordinator of the Future International Cooperation Policy Network Secretariat; and co-convenor of the IDS-Sussex Brazil Group. Before joining RPID, Jennifer worked on the IDS BRICS Initiative (2011-2012) and the IDS Development Studies Learning Partnership (2012-2014).

Jennifer is currently doing an ESCR-funded PhD at King’s College London, which examines how food and nutrition policy ideas from Brazil have influenced similar policy debates in the UK. She has an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies (2010-2011), and a BA Hons in Portuguese & Brazilian Studies from King’s College London. She was based in Mozambique from 2006-2010, working for the European Commission and subsequently for the UN World Food Programme. She has carried out a number of consultancies in international development for governments, international organisations, NGOs, universities and the private sector in Europe, Latin America, and Southern Africa.





K4D Prosperity Fund COVID-19 Evidence and Learning Initiative

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Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development

The Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development is at the forefront of research and practical analysis that helps connect governments, donors, civil society, and academia to explore new way to address global development challenges.


Rising Powers in International Development Programme

The Rising Powers in International Development programme is developing an evidence-base around the role of rising powers (including the BRICS countries) in development and will be producing practical policy guidance on effective approaches for engaging with them.




Brazil’s Food and Nutritional Governance Plan

International Learning Series 4

This briefing pack provides a snapshot of Brazil’s national framework for food and nutritional security policy.

1 July 2017


Brazil’s Policies to Guarantee Food Rights

International Learning Series 5

This policy brief provides an overview of some of the key food and nutritional policies that helped reduce hunger and malnutrition in Brazil.

1 July 2017

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