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Jenny Edwards

Project Manager

Jenny Edwards is a Project Manager with over ten years’ experience of working on gender issues including the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment programme. Currently she is working with the Power and Popular Politics Cluster on the Action for Empowerment and Accountability Research Programme.

Jenny Edwards’s recent work


Challenging Binaries to Promote Women’s Equality

Feminist Dissent 3

In this special issue of Feminist Dissent, we are calling for a new interpretive framework that recognises the multiple genealogies that have contributed to binary constructs of the Western/secular versus the authentic/religious; takes into account the different power positionalities of those...

27 November 2018

Journal Article

Beijing+20: Where Now for Gender Equality?


The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA), celebrated by feminist activists as a triumph for women's rights, is 20 years old. The world that it once described has changed profoundly in some respects, and yet in others remains surprisingly similar. This IDS Bulletin reflects on those...

27 July 2015


Pathways of Women’s Empowerment: Stories of Influence

This report explores the strand of work developed by the Pathways of Women's Empowerment programme under the IDS Gender, Power and Sexuality Programme supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). It demonstrates how Pathways' existing work related to the overarching...

1 March 2015


Feminisms, Empowerment and Development

The economic and political empowerment of women continues to be a central focus for development agencies worldwide; access to medical care, education and employment, as well as women's reproductive rights remain key factors effecting women's autonomy.

4 March 2014