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Jeremy Allouche

Research Fellow

Jeremy Allouche has 14 years of experience in managing and designing projects in the fields of water governance, security and development, and international political economy analysis. He previously worked at the University of Oxford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, ETH Lausanne, the Swiss Graduate Institute of Public administration, and at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva.

He has been in charge of international research projects and therefore has experience of managing large research and policy consortia. His work has mainly focused on global political analysis and is now leading a number of projects on West Africa and the Horn of Africa (see the Projects tab).

Jeremy is also a member of the Water Justice Programme

External Roles

Jeremy Allouche’s recent work

Journal Article

Political Settlements as a Violent Process: Deconstructing the Relationship Between Political Settlements and Intrinsic, Instrumental and Resultant Forms of Violence

Conflict, Security & Development 17.3

This article explores the opportunities and conundrums of understanding violence at critical junctures following ruptures in political orders through the prism of political settlements. While there is an emerging body of scholarship on political settlements, we specifically examine its...

15 June 2017

Journal Article

Introduction: Political Settlements, Rupture and Violence

Conflict, Security & Development 17.3

This Special Issue of Conflict, Security & Development explores the relationship between political settlements and violence. While there is an emerging body of scholarship on political settlements, its relationship to violence has been under-theorised and has not been systematically examined...

15 June 2017

Journal Article

Politics, Exit Strategy and Political Settlement in Sierra Leone: A Critical Analysis of a Laboratory Experiment (1991-2015)

Conflict, Security & Development 17:3

A glance at key indicators—in terms of growth forecast and stable elections—will project Sierra Leone as a political settlement model for a post-conflict state. Sierra Leone has been an important laboratory for UN and international donors’ interventions and thinking. However, efforts by...

1 June 2017