Image of Jeremy Barker

Jeremy Barker

Postgraduate Researcher

Jeremy joined IDS in September 2020 as a postgraduate researcher focused on religious inequalities in the Middle East and North Africa.

His research aims to explore the intersection of religious inequalities and conflict, with a particular country focus on Iraq. He intends to explore to what extent religious inequalities contribute to the perpetuation of violence in conflict-affected societies. He hopes from this research to investigate how religious freedom is associated with increased stability, security, and societal flourishing and from this to identify insights for how this might inform the work of development actors and policymakers in conflict-affected societies.

Since 2013, he has worked in various roles in rights-based relief, development, and advocacy across the Middle East, particularly Iraq, Turkey and Egypt. This work has focused on the convergence of religion and international affairs, with a particular focus on issues of religious persecution and post-conflict order, justice, and accountability.