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Jeremy Lind

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Dr Jeremy Lind is a development geographer with over 10 years research and advisory experience on livelihoods in conflict areas and the difficulties of aid delivery in such contexts, including one year researching the impacts of armed violence on pastoralist livelihoods in northern Kenya.

He is currently Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex and a Research Associate of the Centre for Civil Society at the London School of Economics. Prior to joining IDS in 2009, Jeremy was Lecturer of Human Geography at the University of Sussex, where he taught a range of undergraduate and graduate courses relating to environment, development and conflict. Previously he was Research Officer at the LSE, where he researched changing approaches on aid and civil society in the post-9/11 context.

He has extensive fieldwork experience in north-east Africa, where he lived and worked for three years as a Research Fellow for a Nairobi-based international research institute. More recently he has worked in Afghanistan and India conducting research with international donor and aid agencies, local civil society, human rights activists and lawyers.

His advisory experience includes work with the DFID Livelihoods Resource Centre, World Bank, Overseas Development Institute, Oxfam GB, Christian Aid, Medicines Sans Frontieres-UK, the BBC World Service, and the British-Irish Afghanistan Agencies Group. He is co-editor with Andrew Catley and Ian Scones of “Pastoraliam and Development in Africa: Dynamic Change at the Margins” (Routledge, 2012), co-author with Jude Howell of “Counter-Terrorism, Aid and Civil Society: Before and After the War on Terror” (Palgrave, 2009), co-editor with Jude Howell of “Civil Society Under Strain: The War on Terror Regime, Civil Society and Aid Post-9/11” (Kumarian Press, 2009), co-editor with Kathryn Sturman of “Scarcity and Surfeit: The Ecology of Africa’s Conflicts” (Institute of Security Studies/ACTS, 2002), as well as author of numerous refereed articles and reports.

Jeremy Lind’s recent work

Past Event

Picturing change: Oil development in rural northern Kenya

This photographic exhibition tells the story of changing lives and livelihoods in Lokichar, a small town in Turkana County, and surrounding villages that are at the centre of northern Kenya’s oil frontier. This exhibition will be opened by the Labour MP for Kemptown and member of the...

9 November 2018


Building Peace in the New Oil Frontiers of Northern Kenya

Published by Institute of Development Studies and The Impact Initiative

Since the discovery of oil five years ago in Northern Kenya, explorations have spread to more than 30 drilling and testing sites. This has brought foreign investment, and in turn, new work opportunities, corporate social investment in schools and health clinics, and options for personal...

1 April 2018


Governing Black Gold: Lessons From Oil Finds in Turkana, Kenya

Published by IDS and Saferworld

Oil exploration and appraisal operations have multiplied across eastern Africa over the past decade. This briefing examines lessons from Turkana, Kenya, where oil finds are associated with new conflict risks as well as changes in peacebuilding institutions and relations.

1 October 2017


Reducing Violence in a Time of Global Uncertainty

Published by IDS

The new Sustainable Development Goal to reduce armed violence is a welcome commitment but the prescriptive nature of its approach is problematic – there is ‘no one size fits all’. Rather, focus needs to be on how violence operates in particular settings.

Image of Jeremy Lind
Jeremy Lind & 2 others

1 June 2016


Reducing Violence in a Time of Global Uncertainty: Insights from the Institute of Development Studies Addressing and Mitigating Violence Programme

Published by IDS

This Evidence Report details key insights from the Institute of Development Studies Addressing and Mitigating Violence programme, which involved detailed political analysis of dynamics of violence as well as efforts to reduce and prevent violent conflict across a number of countries and areas in...

Image of Jeremy Lind
Jeremy Lind & 2 others

1 June 2016