Jerker Edström

Jerker Edström

Research Fellow

A development social scientist and worker primarily focused on gender equality, men and masculinities, gender-based violence and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

He has a longer history of working in HIV prevention, children and youth affected by AIDS, participation, civil society support and international health. He has skills in inter-disciplinary community-based research, research synthesis and evidenced based policy formulation, plus proven assessment, planning and programme development skills. He has extensive experience in organisational management, team building, leadership and development.

Throughout his 30 year career in international development he has experience from a diverse range of over 30 countries and has over 10 years of engagement in post graduate teaching and research. He also has direct work experience from working in a range of nine development and health organisations.

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Brazil IDS Initiative

The Brazil IDS Initiative provides focus in a geography at the leading edge of development thinking and practice due to accelerating environmental, economic, political and social change. It recognises that tackling challenges such as climate change, poverty and injustice...


Countering Backlash: Reclaiming Gender Justice

Global progress on gender equality is under threat. We are living in an age where major political and social shifts are resulting in new forces that are visibly pushing back to reverse the many gains made for women’s rights and to shrink civic space. This patriarchal backlash is escalating...



Understanding Gender Backlash: Southern Perspectives

IDS Bulletin 55.1

Far from seeing continued steady progress on gender equality, we are currently witnessing significant backlash against gender and sexual rights. Limited and hard-fought gains for some are being reversed, co-opted, and dismantled – all amplified through new social media and digital...

7 March 2024


Grasping Patriarchal Backlash: A Brief for Smarter Countermoves

Nearly three decades ago the UN World Conference on Women at Beijing appeared to be uniting the international community around the most progressive platform for women’s rights in history. Instead of steady advancement, we have seen uneven progress, backsliding, co-option, and a recent rising...

15 January 2023


Masculinities and Transition: Enduring Privilege?

There has been significant progress in gender equality globally over recent decades, such as in school enrolment or in labour force participation rates, and in certain groups of men’s and boys’ attitudes to gender equality; particularly among younger, educated males in urban areas. Yet,...

10 September 2019


Masculinities and Transition in Egypt: Country Brief

Gender and development research in Egypt tends to frame questions about men solely in terms of barriers to women’s economic advancement. Only recently have questions been raised about men’s own gendered experiences and attitudes, and how they experience the changes in gender relations...

Ramy Aly & 2 others

10 September 2019

Jerker Edström’s recent work


Understanding gender backlash through Southern perspectives

New research published today in the IDS Bulletin reveals the extent to which gender and sexual rights are being reversed in a global wave of gender backlash. The research, based on evidence from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Uganda, and the United Kingdom, explores the...

7 March 2024

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Reclaiming trans rights in India: Unsettling patriarchy?

Despite a rich cultural tradition of gender-fluidity, the transgender community in India have been stigmatised as a ‘criminal tribe’ through a colonial-era law. The community has struggled for their rights over decades, and only after significant engagement with the judiciary were they...

6 September 2022