Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox

Honorary Associate



Unpacking Donor Action (A4EA)

How is social and political action for empowerment and accountability enabled and supported by donors working in specific fragile, conflict- and violence-affected settings? Many donor organisations aim in some way to empower people living in contexts of fragility, conflict and violence, and...


Pathways to Accountability Bargains (part of the A4EA research programme)

This research theme, under the Action for Empowerment and Accountability (A4EA) Research Programme, is concerned with the following question: how can stable and inclusive political settlements (among elites) and a just social contract (between elites and different social groups) emerge that are...


Assessments of World Bank citizen engagement implementation

In 2014, the World Bank launched its Strategic Framework for Mainstreaming Citizen Engagement in World Bank Group Operations. This sets out clear requirements and expectations that World Bank programmes need to meet in the ways that they engage with local people throughout their investment...



Journal Article

International Aid Actions for Accountability: Identifying Interaction Effects Between Programmes

Aid agencies that support public accountability reforms commonly do so in the same places, and with similar state and civil society actors. However, the combined effects of their separate programmatic actions are rarely analysed. This study departs from conventional analysis of aid agency...

24 November 2022

Working Paper

How Do Donor-led Empowerment and Accountability Activities Take Scale into Account? Evidence from DFID Programmes in Contexts of Fragility, Conflict and Violence

IDS Working Paper 536

Development donors invest significantly in governance reform, including in contexts characterised by conflict and fragility. However, there is relatively little comparative study of their change strategies, and little understanding of what works and why. This paper explores the strategies of six...

Colin Anderson
Colin Anderson & 2 others

3 April 2020