Jorge Ortiz-Moreno

Jorge Ortiz-Moreno

Doctoral Researcher

Jorge’s doctoral research aims to understand urban infrastructure transitions in the Global South. In particular, he is studying how household rainwater harvesting policies are shaping the water supply system of Mexico City. His title is ‘Socio-technical reconfigurations where infrastructure networks have failed: The case of rainwater harvesting in Mexico City.’ Jorge’s supervisors are Jaideep Gupte from IDS and Adrian Smith from Sussex.

Jorge holds an MSc in Urban Development Planning from University College London and a BSc on Environmental Science from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. During the last 10 years, he has worked in urban and environmental projects as a consultant, entrepreneur and public official. In 2017, he was appointed as Chief Resilience Officer of Colima –Mexico–, within the ‘100 Resilient Cities’ initiative, where he led the formulation of the first Urban Resilience Strategy of the city.


Jorge Ortiz-Moreno’s recent work