Image of Juan Carlos Pane Solis

Juan Carlos Pane Solis

Postgraduate Researcher

Juan Carlos is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studying the process of empowerment as experienced by women in the context of a microfinance-plus programme in Paraguay.

Juan Carlos takes into consideration that empowerment is framed by women lived experiences and conceptualises it not only in terms of acquiring material resources, but it also considers other factors such as women’s context, their access to different non-material resources, notions of power, and wellbeing achievements.

Prior to joining the DPhil programme at IDS, Juan Carlos worked in the Ministry of Social and Economic Planning and was involved in the National Alleviation Program in Paraguay. He has more than a decade of experience in designing, developing and supporting projects in the areas of poverty, civil society participation, rule of law, and anti-corruption programs.”


Juan Carlos Pane Solis’s recent work